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Halloween Pre-Sale : 50% OFF🔥50% OFF and Buy 2 Save $3🔥Ultimate Ankle Holster
Halloween Pre-Sale : 50% OFF🔥50% OFF and Buy 2 Save $3🔥Ultimate Ankle Holster
Halloween Pre-Sale : 50% OFF🔥50% OFF and Buy 2 Save $3🔥Ultimate Ankle Holster
Halloween Pre-Sale : 50% OFF🔥50% OFF and Buy 2 Save $3🔥Ultimate Ankle Holster
Halloween Pre-Sale : 50% OFF🔥50% OFF and Buy 2 Save $3🔥Ultimate Ankle Holster
Halloween Pre-Sale : 50% OFF🔥50% OFF and Buy 2 Save $3🔥Ultimate Ankle Holster

Halloween Pre-Sale : 50% OFF🔥50% OFF and Buy 2 Save $3🔥Ultimate Ankle Holster

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    Are You Looking For An Ankle Holster That Is Comfortable And Won't Break The Bank?

    Look no further... The Ultimate Ankle Holster with Calf Strap and Spare Magazine Pouch is the answer!

    Ambidextrous Design

    Carry on either your right or left leg, inside or outside your ankle, and draw with either your left or right hand.

    The Ultimate Ankle holster with calf strap is ambidextrous so it easily accommodates all shooters and allows you to carry in any position on your leg.

    The calf strap ensures that your holsters stays above your ankle and won't slip down. Perfect for tennis shoes or dress shoes.

    One Size Fits All For Unbelievable Comfort

    We used the same special blend of neoprene used on our belly band which allows this ankle holster to flex and move as you move while staying rigid enough to keep your g(un) tucked tightly against your leg.

    You won't find a more comfortable ankle holster on the market. Listen to what one of our happy customers had to say...

    "I am a Physical Training & a Control Tactics instructor for a large agency. I have to run and do some exercises while carrying concealed. I have purchased 4 holsters for my Glock 43. It has been difficult finding a holster that's not too bulky, breathes, doesn't move around much, and is comfortable for what I do. This  holster far exceeds the other holster in the comfort department. It feels secure and does not cause the g(un to dig into my ankle. The material even breathes better than the material on my other 3 holsters. I highly recommend these holsters."

    Don't be fooled by the cheap knock offs! Not all neoprene is created equal and we have spent countless hours testing and perfecting our neoprene blend. A foam pad insert behind the g(un holster protects your ankle from contact with the g.un to provide superior comfort.

    Fast Silent Draw And Reloads

    Our industrial grade metal snap and elastic retention strap provide secure g.un and spare magazine retention for a fast silent draw.

    We don't use hook and loop fasteners as the loud RIIIIP! sound gives away your position.

    The elastic retention strap stretches to accommodate many different sized g.uns and magazines with ease and is sewn inside the holster so it doesn't itch your leg.

    As always we've taken every step to ensure that you stay comfortable while securely carrying your firearm of choice.

    "Been in law enforcement for a LONG time and have always favored ankle holsters. As such, I have owned many. This is, by far, the best ankle holster I have ever owned. Goes on easy without stretching to insure a snug fit."

    Flexible Holster Fits Most Compact And Subcompact G.uns

    The surgical grade elastic holster is double layered for superior strength and can fit a wide range of g.uns from micro pocket pistols to subcompact and even compact pistols.

    It will fit a Glock 26 with a double stacked magazine, the Glock 42 and 43 with our without laser attachments, the Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .380 with our without the laser, Ruger LCP, LC9, Smith and Wesson Bodyguard .38 with or without the laser, the M&P Shield and many many more.

    For the best fit ensure that your g  un measures no more than 6.5" Long (measure the overall length).

    Here's what another happy customer had to say...

    "I've used this holster for a Glock 26 and a Sig P938 for a few months now. The G26 stretched the elastic to the max but it worked and is still working great. I use this daily for carrying a backup weapon, so it gets pretty beat up. I recommend it."


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